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How Weather Patterns Affect Fishing

If the world’s meteorologists could somehow find the time for competitive fishing, they’d probably rise to the top of the ranks in a hurry. One of the first lessons in learning how to fish– right after bait selection and presentation – is how weather affects game fish. Their brains might be puny, but freshwater and […]

5 Great Freshwater Fishing Lakes to Visit

No matter what species of freshwater fish you’re looking to catch, odds are you’ll find a lake that holds it in the United States. Sport fishing has become a sort of national pastime for millions of Americans, and for good reason. The contiguous U.S. is peppered with world class fishing lakes. Every popular sport fishing […]

How to Fish for Carp

In the United States, carp aren’t exactly a highly sought after game fish. In fact, they’re typically seen as a pest in the bodies of water they live in. Introduced in the U.S. from Europe and Asia, their hearty nature and persistence have given them something of a bad reputation. Anglers typically avoid going after […]

4 Baits for Early Spring Bass

Fishing for bass in the early Spring is tricky for many anglers. Though the air is warming up – a welcome change for most – the water generally remains pretty cold for the earlier Spring months. It’s a time of transition in the weather and, therefore, that transition should be reflected in your fishing technique. […]

Frog Legs: An Outdoor Delicacy

When you come in contact with a live frog, your first instinct isn’t to think “Hmm, that looks tasty”. They’re ugly, green, and (thanks to a very persistent old wives’ tale) are thought of as wart spreading fiends. What you might not know is that they’re also considered a delicacy in many parts of the […]

How Reservoir Draw Downs Can Improve Your Fishing

In the springtime, many man-made reservoirs are drawn down several feet by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Waters recede from banks all around these often massive bodies of water, exposing areas otherwise covered in deep, murky water. Reasons for this vary from power generation and irrigation to anticipation of heavy spring rains. Regardless of […]

How to Avoid Losing Fish

Just about every avid fisherman has a story about the one that got away. Inevitably, the story always involves hooking the fish of a lifetime and losing it to uncontrollable circumstances. These stories, without a doubt, are heartbreaking to those who love to fish. But they don’t have to come from you. For as many […]

How to Turn Your Local Pond Into a Great Fishing Spot

Turning that little stocked pond near your house into a bona fide honey hole, for whatever species you prefer, is a time consuming task. It’s an ongoing process that is most effective in the long term. With patience and persistence, though, it can definitely be done. The key is to keep close track of a […]

How to Fish in Cold Water

Cold water fishing, despite its challenging nature, is often a very rewarding activity for the fishermen willing to brave the cold. On wintry waters, you can expect frozen fingers, icy line, and bitter winds. But with the right techniques and a little patience, you can also expect a better chance at catching real lunkers. In […]

5 Great Ice Fishing Spots in the Northeast

The Northeast region of the United States offers a wide variety of game species and conditions during the winter. Accordingly, it is home to some of the best ice fishing in the world. Each year, anglers from all over come to the Northeast to try their hand at ice fishing for Pike, Bass, Bluegill, and […]