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Silver Lake

Silver lake is a common name for alpine lakes but in this case I am referring to the one near Mount Townsend in the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. It lies in a cirque at the head of the valley that Silver Creek runs down. The lake itself can be reached either from forest road […]

Lake Constance

The wilderness paradox stems from the fact that a sizeable population wishes to experience wilderness devoid of the human footprint, and yet when that population travels to the wilderness they see each other, thereby depriving everyone of a pure wilderness experience. There are some hidden gems that few people know about and whose whereabouts are […]

Outdoor Tips: Hiking For Fitness

Aside from being a great recreational outdoor activity, hiking is also a fun and surprisingly effective way to stay in shape. Though nothing beats a traditional workout such as road running or lifting weights, they are often less effective than other, more indirect fitness activities in the long run. How could this be? It’s simple: […]

5 Great Hiking Trails in the United States

These five great places to hike in the United States offer a variety of terrains and landscapes to navigate. From lush forests to barren mountaintops, there is no shortage of fantastic sights to take in and challenges to tackle on the many fantastic trails in the contiguous United States. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely […]