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How to Identify Common Diseases in Wildlife

In order to both preserve wildlife and protect yourself in the outdoors, it’s important to know how to identify a sick animal. There are several indicators to watch out for when trying to determine whether an animal is healthy. It could be clearly struggling to survive, acting abnormally aggressive, or even just looking a little […]

Outdoor Tips: Camping in a Severe Spring Storm

Camping in the Spring is really enjoyable. The sun’s out, the weather’s warming up, and local critters have come out of hibernation and are beginning to explore. Unfortunately, though, Spring brings with it some pretty intense weather patterns – especially in the Midwestern and Eastern portions of the United States. Freak storms not even associated […]

5 Unassuming and Dangerous Wild Animals

When thinking of killers in the wild, a few specific animals instinctively come to mind. Bears, snakes, sharks, big cats, and spiders are the species with nasty reputations. They’re well-known, well-feared, and everyone from outdoor lovers to homebodies know that they should be avoided. Meanwhile other even more dangerous animals go unnoticed, despite their dangerous […]

Camping Tips: Finding the Right Campground

When looking for a good campground, there are many different factors to consider. Questions like “What kind of facilities will my family need?” and “Am I willing to pay for a private campground?” are all valid, and should be taken into account in the decision making process. The consequences of not taking them into consideration […]

3 Poisonous Plants to Watch Out For

In the outdoors, poisonous plants are just a fact of life. North America’s wooded landscape is riddled with a variety of plant species that irritate the skin and even cause severe allergic reactions. Even experienced outdoorsmen unknowingly come in contact with them from time to time because they blend in so well with their surroundings. […]

How to Navigate Tough Terrain

In certain popular camping and hiking destinations, the local terrain can pose a challenge to outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it be a steep grade, a narrow ridge, or a snaking creek bed, learning to identify and pursue the easiest route through tough areas will make you a better overall outdoor adventurer. This skill set comes in […]

Tips For Taking Your Dog Camping

It’s safe to say that many outdoor lovers are dog lovers as well. In fact, adventures in the great outdoors and a great dog as accompaniment go together pretty naturally. Of course, an ill-behaved pup can make trips more difficult as well. There’s plenty of space for them to get lost in, and plenty of […]

How to Camp Without a Tent

Learning how to camp without a tent can save you a significant amount of carrying weight and extra packing, that is, if you’re up to the challenge of really roughing it. The idea of sleeping next to a fire under nothing but the stars is often romanticized, and it isn’t quite as basic as just […]

Insuring Your Outdoor Adventure: The Basics of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is, to put it simply, a catch all protection for all types of travelers. Business people, vacationers, and even outdoor adventurers buy policies to protect themselves from the financial pitfalls that can result from traveling. But before contacting an insurance agent for your next trip, it’s a wise idea to get a basic […]

How To Avoid Bears When Camping

Avoiding bears while camping should always be a thought on your mind whenever you are in an area where bears live. The woods are their home and there are a few rules you need to follow when you are in their environment. Food Storage Never store food in your tent. This should be an iron […]