Summary: Tackle, Hooks, Lines, Sinkers, Swivels, and Rods and Reels


Summary: Casting, Spin Rod, and Bait Casting


Summary: Approach, Fish’s Position, Water Clarity, Light Intensity, Hatch Variables, Current Speed, Wind, Cover, Casting Obstructions, and Current Maladies, etc…

Aquatic Environment

Summary: Aquatic Environment, Aquatic Plants, Light, Oxygen, pH, Surface Film, Temperature, and Background Data

Still Water Characteristics

Summary: Still Water Characteristics, Shallows, Weed Beds, Shoreline Vegetation, Drop-Offs, Channels, Shoals, Cliffs, Outlets, Inlets, etc…

Stream Characteristics

Summary: Stream Characteristics, Spring Creek, Freestone Streams, Tail Water Streams, A Beginning Point, Riffles, Current Seams, Pocket Water, Prime Lies, Deep Holes, etc…

Hooking & Fighting

Summary: Hooking & Fighting, Set, and Drag

Bait Fishing

Summary: Bait Fishing, Responsible Bait Fishing, Crawdads, Night Crawlers and Garden Worms, Lakes, Streams, Minnows, Nymphs, Grasshoppers and Crickets, and Shrimp, etc…


Summary: Spinners, and Panther Martins, Rooster Tails, Blue Fox, Mepps


Summary: Spoons, Crank Baits, Jigs, Plastic Worms, Carolina Rig, and Texas Rig

Swim Baits

Summary: Swim Baits, and Trolling

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