Bait Fishing

Responsible Bait Fishing

I believe that catch and release can be practiced using bait fishing. Fish can be safely released by using reasonable care.


I prefer to catch my crawdads fresh from the body of water that I’m fishing. To catch a bunch, make up five or six heavy mono lines and tie a piece of bacon on the end of each one.

Night Crawlers and Garden Worms

Perhaps worm fishing is the most effective fishing method. It works wherever there are worms.


I love to fish worms on a single barb-less hook without any weight. I hook a lively worm Texas style in the head with the point buried so it’s both weed-less and snag-less.


Aquatic worms are present in most streams. These are usually small and thin so there is a need for fishing small, red worms.


Most of the states that I fish in have a restriction against using live minnows to fish with. This prevents rough fish from being transplanted.


Nymphs are found in the riffles of streams. They are natural baits for the fish in that stream.

Grasshoppers and Crickets

It’s best to catch the hoppers with an insect net along meadow sections around the lake or stream that you fish. When I was a kid I was much better at catching them.


Fish love to eat shrimp. Small, store-bought, uncooked prawns make excellent bait.

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