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Mount Townsend

Mount Townsend is almost ideally situated on the Northeast corner of the Olympic Mountains. It technically lies within the Buckhorn Wilderness, to the east of the Olympic National Park, standing at a respectable 6250’. Due to its location, on a clear day one can see the San Juans, Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, and if it’s […]

Outdoor Activity Ideas: The Trash Scavenger Hunt

As vehement supporters of all things outdoors, it’s our job to help preserve the environment any way we can. Of course, one of the best ways to do so is to instill your own passion for nature into future generations. And while you’re probably not going to win over any kids showing them an impassioned […]

How To Avoid Wildlife Habitat When Finding Campsites

One of the main tenets of environmentally friendly camping is to avoid disturbing local wildlife. While the occasional sighting is certainly cool and not often a problem, displacing native animals is considered irresponsible by most outdoor enthusiasts. To be fair, most don’t intend to interrupt the life patterns of animals when they camp. But by […]

Outdoor Tips: Beginning Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, once considered a “fringe” or “extreme” sport, has taken hold as a popular and exciting outdoor activity in recent years. Its inherently challenging and physically demanding nature makes mountain biking more than just a hobby for many of those who participate. For the beginner, figuring out mountain biking techniques can be a pretty […]

Outdoor Safety: Dealing With Dehydration

In the summer particularly, dehydration poses a risk to everyone outdoors – especially hikers and campers. Because they’re outside for long periods of time with limited resources, outdoor adventurers must take extra care to avoid dehydration and its unpleasant, potentially serious effects. Dehydration’s Hallmarks The medical definition of dehydration is a condition in which one’s […]

Keeping Your Things Safe at the Campsite

In camping, as in the everyday world, a few bad apples can ruin the whole experience. And at campsites that attract many visitors, this adage holds very true. Though it doesn’t happen often, instances of theft have occurred on campgrounds in the past. It makes sense when you think about it. Camping parties go on […]

Outdoor Adventures: Exotic Fish Species in North America

As a destination for exotic fishing opportunities, North America is a bit of an afterthought for many. After all, most areas for fishing on this continent don’t have the sense of wonder and unfamiliarity that other areas of the world do. Nonetheless, there are plenty of rare and exotic fish species that outdoor lovers and […]

Outdoor Safety Tips: Dealing With Wildfires

For those who live or travel to the western portion of the United States, wildfires are a fact of life. Before humans roamed the Earth, natural events such as lightning strikes and volcano eruptions caused wildfires to rage across wooded areas and grasslands. Today, human caused wildfires only add to the number of burns each […]

Tips For Keeping Your Campsite Clean

When you’re able to keep your campsite clean, all parties benefit. Besides helping you to camp more comfortably, you’re also making the lives of fellow campers easier and keeping the local environment preserved for future generations of outdoor lovers. But, much like housework, cleaning at the campsite is often seen as a tedious chore – […]

An Intro to Off-Trail Hiking

A quality common among almost all hikers is the strong desire to explore and discover. The sense of wonder and peace you get when making your way through snaking wooded paths and natural terrain is tough to beat. For some experienced hikers, the best of that feeling comes when exploring truly untouched areas – the […]