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Tips for Making Your Hikes More Enjoyable

Whether you hike for exercise or sheer enjoyment of nature, the whole point of hitting the tail instead of hitting the sidewalk is to enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, factors from pain, to fatigue, and even boredom can put a damper on what you would normally savor. If you’ve been stuck in that oft-feared “hiking rut” and […]

How to Practice Proper Campsite Etiquette

As socially responsible members of the outdoor community, it’s important that campers cultivate a sense mutual respect towards one another. When you’re actually at the campsite, this means learning to share certain communal spaces with other campers. Many campgrounds, both public and private, are busy year round – so you can expect to be cohabitating […]

5 Tips for Hygienic Camping

One of the most difficult things to manage while on a trip in the outdoors is personal hygiene. Whether you’re at an established camping facility complete with running water or you’re truly roughing it miles away from the nearest person, keeping clean is often a struggle. Without the modern conveniences we’ve become so accustomed to, […]

Outdoor Safety: Handling a Flash Flood

Every year, the coming of spring brings with it a reawakened sense of life. The sun shines longer each day, native wildlife comes out of their winter hiding places, and deciduous forests begin to turn green again. Spring is far from just flowers and sunshine, though. Rising temperatures and quick, powerful air pressure changes make […]

Camping Games for the Family

For families that camp enough, the old standbys for fun – scavenger hunts and hiking for instance – can begin to lose their luster after awhile. While they do remain favorites for most, the idea of trying out some alternative camping related activities is certainly worthwhile. If for no other reason than to mix things […]

How to Fix an Air Mattress Hole

Many campers prefer the relative comfort of an air mattress as opposed to a sleeping bag when they’re in the woods. Whether it be for health reasons, or just to feel refreshed in the morning from a night of quality sleep, a good air mattress is a godsend for some campers. But bringing an air […]

The Wildest Places in North America

If you’re looking for uninhabited and extensive wild places, North America isn’t a bad place to start. In fact, the two principal countries of the continent – the U.S. and Canada — have some of the most varied and well preserved outdoor areas in the world. From the ancient forests of the northern sections of […]

Outdoor Safety: Insect Borne Diseases

Though somewhat rare and not very often serious, campers and hikers should nonetheless be wary of insect borne diseases. Along with the pleasure of outdoor activity comes the risk of being bitten and infected by a disease carrying bug. And while many of these illnesses are confined to tropical and subtropical climates, the potential for […]

Outdoor Activities: Shed Antler Hunting

When thinking of deer antlers, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is deer hunting. Campers and outdoor lovers who don’t hunt typically disregard them. There are, however, ways to indirectly interact with wildlife that don’t involve waking up before dawn or firearms. The endeavor I’m talking about is surprisingly popular; it’s called shed […]

5 Small and Convenient Items for Your Survival Kit

As a sharp and prepared outdoor adventurer, odds are you probably have an emergency kit stashed away along with all your other gear. It has the typical items – fire starters, flashlights, an MRE or two, and maybe even a bottle of water. But no matter how full it might seem, you could probably fit […]