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Tips for Sleeping Better on Your Next Camping Trip

Though many find the outdoors to be a place for peace, rest, and relaxation – actually getting to sleep while camping can be pretty difficult. There’s no cozy beds or temperature controls to help lull you to sleep, just you, your tent, and a sleeping bag. But even the fussiest sleepers can find a way […]

How to Start Surf Fishing

With warmer temperatures on the way and many cooped up folks beginning to look forward a trip to the beach, the opportunity for you to learn how to surf fish on your next vacation to the coastal outdoors is ripening quickly. Because it doesn’t require a boat – just special tackle and a solid casting […]

Outdoor Tips: Camping in a Severe Spring Storm

Camping in the Spring is really enjoyable. The sun’s out, the weather’s warming up, and local critters have come out of hibernation and are beginning to explore. Unfortunately, though, Spring brings with it some pretty intense weather patterns – especially in the Midwestern and Eastern portions of the United States. Freak storms not even associated […]

A Guide to Outdoor Knives

If there’s ever a situation when an outdoor enthusiast could be overwhelmed with choices, it’s when deciding on a knife to buy and/or use. As simple a tool as a knife might be, there are many variations with functional differences that alter a knife’s intended use and performance. Skinning a freshly caught fish, for example, […]

5 Creative Camping Tips

So, you’ve become a master at the art of camping. Your checklist, itinerary, and packing routines have all been whittled down to a science. You’ve got an outdoor emergency kit always at the ready, and you can set up the tent or build a fire blindfolded (though it’s not exactly recommended). You’re confident that no […]

Camping Abroad: What You Need to Know About Camping Outside the U.S.

For many, the ultimate exotic camping adventure involves traveling outside the borders of the United States. Whether it be the snowy Alps, the rugged Canadian woods, or the Australian Outback – there are some pretty amazing places to camp across the globe. But before you travel beyond the border for your next camping trip, there […]

Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

The summer season and camping really do go hand in hand. Not only is the weather sunny and warm, but logistically the opportunity often arises for an extended trip. The kids are off of school, vacation days can be taken from work – all conditions seem to be working in favor of a fun excursion […]

4 Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids

Getting kids into an outdoorsy lifestyle can be a challenge for parents. Often, the outdoor activities that adults love end up trying children’s patience and ultimately frustrating the both of you. You can combat this effect, however, by tailoring the outdoor activities you enjoy to keep your kids interested and engaged. Try out the following […]

Tips For Environmentally Friendly Camping

Few groups are as environmentally conscious as those who love the outdoors. But, ironically, the things we do on camping trips often contribute pretty heavily to environmental problems at large. If you’re interested in maintaining the outdoors for your children and future generations, it may be worth it to take the extra time and effort […]

How to Make Easy Camping Meals

Learning how to make easy camping meals can save you a ton of time on your next camping trip. Though outdoor cooking can be fun, it’s never good to miss out on other outdoor activities because you’re stuck making food for everyone. Use the following guidelines to minimize the work and time it takes to […]