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How to Identify Common Diseases in Wildlife

In order to both preserve wildlife and protect yourself in the outdoors, it’s important to know how to identify a sick animal. There are several indicators to watch out for when trying to determine whether an animal is healthy. It could be clearly struggling to survive, acting abnormally aggressive, or even just looking a little […]

4 Common and Practical Medicinal Plants

When thinking of plants with medicinal uses, it’s hard not to picture cheesy marketing campaigns that tout unbelievable “miracle cures”. While much of the holistic approach to medicine is up for debate, there is little doubt that some plants actually do have legitimate medical uses. The real questions for the outdoor lover, though, are whether […]

Outdoor Skill Tips: The Basics of Using a Compass

In the modern era of the GPS and other electronic navigation devices, the use of a good old fashioned compass has become something of a lost art. Though it has been used for centuries by sailors, outdoorsmen, and the military, the technique has fallen by the wayside thanks to the Information Age. But what do […]

Using Nature to Predict Weather

When you’re out on a camping trip, odds are there is little access to internet or television – meaning you have to rely on past extended forecasts to determine the weather over the next few days. And, as anyone who has relied on a weather forecast can attest to, those extended predictions are far from […]

3 Surprisingly Edible Plants

When you think of edible plants, modern fruit, vegetable, and grain staples typically come to mind. Popularly cultivated foods like corn, wheat, broccoli, carrots, apples, and bananas are at the top of the list. But back when food wasn’t quite so easy to come by and folks were generally more attuned to their outdoor surroundings, […]

How to Start a Fire Without Matches

Camping isn’t really camping without a warm fire to sit beside. Even in the warmest parts of the year, the glow and heat of a well built campfire will draw everyone close on cool or even mild nights. Even though you should have the resources to start a campfire with relative ease, it is worth […]

How to Build Your Own Outdoor Shelter

If you ever find yourself in the great outdoors without a tent or some form of shelter, you’ll need to make your own. In some situations, you may just be able to camp out on the ground or find some natural shelter. However, nature can sometimes threaten your safety if you’re unable to find an […]