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Camp Cooking Tips: Using a Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens, for reasons unknown, have been somewhat forgotten by many modern campers. Though they might lack a certain new or cool factor, these sturdy-lidded steel (or cast iron) pots are still one of the best tools for making camp cooking easy. The reason for this, of course, is their versatility. Anything that can be […]

Outdoor Tips: Building a Cooking Fire

Cooking fresh caught fish or a hearty stew over an open fire is one of those iconic, idealized images about the outdoors. It’s envisioned right along with other traditional, cowboy movie-esque things like sleeping under the stars and riding on horseback. But when it comes to actually cooking food efficiently and effectively, open fire cooking […]

Camp Cooking: How to Make a Soda Can Stove

For ultra light backpackers and those who enjoy really roughing it, cooking food can be something of a challenge. This is especially true when they’ve decided to settle in for the night in a deeply wood area with enough overhead cover to prevent fire building. Outdoor adventurers have developed several tricks to overcome this problem. […]

Frog Legs: An Outdoor Delicacy

When you come in contact with a live frog, your first instinct isn’t to think “Hmm, that looks tasty”. They’re ugly, green, and (thanks to a very persistent old wives’ tale) are thought of as wart spreading fiends. What you might not know is that they’re also considered a delicacy in many parts of the […]

Outdoor Style Thanksgiving – 3 Ways to Cook a Turkey Outside

The idea of Thanksgiving often comes with a certain vision – one of frantically pacing back and forth in the kitchen, from the counter to the stove, trying to find a way to get everything done as economically as possible. If this isn’t your idea of a great holiday, it may be time to try […]