5 Great Ice Fishing Spots in the Northeast

The Northeast region of the United States offers a wide variety of game species and conditions during the winter. Accordingly, it is home to some of the best ice fishing in the world. Each year, anglers from all over come to the Northeast to try their hand at ice fishing for Pike, Bass, Bluegill, and several other species. If you’d like to be one of them, check out these 5 great ice fishing spots in the Northeast.

1. Lake Chauncy, Massachusetts

Ice fishermen love this lake for its well stocked Northern Pike population. It’s relatively small at 177 acres, and only gets about 20 feet deep. But its limited size can work in the angler’s favor, as good holes are easier to find. Be sure to get out early when ice fishing Lake Chauncy. Massachusetts fishermen come in droves during the winter.

2. Bashan Lake, Connecticut

If you’re an ice fisherman with a real knack for finesse, then you can try your hand at the Brown Trout of Bashan Lake. The Connecticut Conservation Department stocks this 273 acre lake each year, drawing ice anglers from all over. In addition to the Trout, Perch are a common species in this lake, which are much easier to catch and therefore great for anglers new to the ice fishing game.

3. Silver Lake, New York

Located near the city of Buffalo, Silver Lake has become a very popular ice fishing destination for its great perch and bluegill fishing. These aren’t the puny pan fish you’re probably thinking of, though. By pan fish standards, the lake produces some real monsters. The lake is often busy, but there’s plenty of room for setting up in deep water, which is where most of the fish will be holding in the winter months.

4. Lake Champlain, Vermont/New York

This great ice fishing hot spot is legendary by any standards. It holds huge Largemouth Bass (Bassmaster tournaments are often held here) and has unparalleled Northern Pike fishing when the water freezes. Bring some heavier rods, as you may be battling some real lunkers when you go.

5. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

Though it looks puny next to Champlain, Lake Winnipesaukee is a beast in its own right at over 44,000 acres. It is known among ice fishermen for holding huge White Perch, commonly weighing in at over 16 ounces. Kids and new ice fishermen will love the fast fishing here. Alternatively, you can challenge ice fishing skills a bit more by going after the lake’s large Smallmouth Bass population.

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