Clinch Knot 212

Improved Clinch Knot 213

B.C. Knot 213

Duncan Loop 213

Surgeon’s Loop 214

Perfection Loop 214

Blood or Barrel Knot 214

Surgeon’s Knot 215

Albright Knot 215

Nail or Tube Knot 216


The basic steps in tying any knot correctly are: (1) forming, (2) lubricating, (3) drawing tightly, and (4) trimming.

Forming the knot is vital. It must be correctly tied; otherwise, the knot will not tighten properly and fail. Form each knot slowly and carefully.

A lubricated knot is most easily tightened. Use saliva or water to moisten the area to be drawn together. This reduces both friction and heat which can weaken the line.

Carefully tighten the knot slowly to avoid any overlapping loops. These overlaps can weaken the connection.

Finally trim the tag end close to the knot. This tag end serves no useful purpose other than providing a place to draw up the knot.


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