Young’s Presentation

A. Reach cast is made 3/4 upstream.

  1. Cast is made deliberately too long.

B. Raise the rod upward to pull the fly into lane.

  1. Once fly is in position, drop the rod downward. This allows slack line to extend the float across the desired feeding lane.
  2. When raising the rod upwards, do so in an upstream motion because this mends the line for a longer, drag-free float.

C. Mend line to prolong the drift.

  1. Upstream mends generally slow the fly’s drift.
  2. Downstream mends generally speed the fly’s drift.

D. Raise rod upwards to reposition the fly into Lane 2.

  1. Repeat B1, B2 and C.

E. Fish fly under tension as it swings downstream to E.

F. Pick up and recast.

Note: As rod is pulled upwards it is also extended upstream to reposition the line belly upstream. (This acts like a reach cast by precisely repositioning the fly and mending the line upstream.)

Youngs Presentation

Advantages of Young’s Presentation

  1. It is an easy presentation to accurately position the fly into the desired feeding lane.
  2. It allows the angler to fish multiple feeding lanes in a single cast.
  3. It readily provides a long drag free drift precisely where you want it.
  4. It is an exceptional method for sight fishing to rising fish.
  5. An accurate cast is not needed. Only a cast made too far is used.
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