Western Green Drake

Family: Ephemerelidae

Genus: Drunella

Life Cycle: incomplete

Three Life Stages: egg, nymph, adult cycle which includes 2 phases: dun and spinner

Emergence: June-July

Crawler Mayflies Group



Body Description

Horns: 2

Eyes: large

Abdomen: spurs on last two segments of the abdomen

Head: have flat leading edges

Tails: 3

Legs: have stout femurs on all 6

Body Colors: medium-dark browns to olive browns

Mobility: strong swimmers and not swept away by the water, nymphs in faster waters go to calm water before emergence, those in medium currents stay there and emerge at surface film

Size: 11-15mm, large and somewhat stubby

Found among the rocks and debris in medium to fast riffles and runs.



Body Description

Wings: 2 sets, large secondary wings, dark gray

Tails: 3

Body Colors: bright green & olive brown markings, olive & yellow trim, color changes soon after emergence darkening in as little as 1 hour

Mobility: after emergence they stay on the water until their wings and tails are fully dried and extended; tend to have many crippled or damaged duns

Size: 11-15mm

Hook Size: large 10


Mating Green Drakes fall soon after dark. All three stages are fed upon by trout but spinners aren’t important foods.

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