The 5 Best Places to Camp in the Fall

The 5 Best Places to Camp in the Fall

The contiguous United States’ vast array of climates and scenery makes for a wide selection of great camping spots for any season. In the fall particularly, families could be looking for anything from warm weather, to foliage views, to an early taste of the winter season. The following five places are the best to camp at during the fall precisely because they offer that variety. Read on to find out which fantastic fall camping spot suits you best.

1. Plymouth, Washington

The small town of Plymouth Washington is home to one of the great western parks in the country. It is located in the dry highlands of the upper Rockies, and is a great place to have a fall experience different from the traditional fare typified by places like the Northeast. The park itself is located along the speedy Columbia River, making it a great spot for fishing-enthusiast campers.

2. Cedro Peak, New Mexico

Another alternative to traditional “fall” camping, the Cedro Peak campground is high in the desert of New Mexico. What makes the Park special is its amenities for those who love to ride and drive. Both equestrian and off-road vehicle trails are available for public use. So, while campers In other parts of the country are looking at leaves, you can be tearing up the trails.

3. Mckinney, Georgia

The campground in McKinney, Georgia is great for a late fall camping trip. Because of its Southern location, the weather will be much warmer here all the way through late fall. The campground itself is situated right next to Allatoona Lake, which is renowned for quality Bass and Panfish fishing. Like the campgrounds at many other popular lakes, McKinney has a ton of amenities – most notably hot showers and convenience stores – for camping families.

4. Allegany, New York

Fall traditionalists will be mesmerized by the beautiful vistas and rugged nature of New York state’s biggest natural park. In addition to the Northeast’s legendary fall foliage, Allegany National Park has miles of winding trails for hikers and bicyclists – which gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the views from every possible vantage point.

5. Nickerson, Massachusetts

Nickerson state park is located right in the heart of Cape Cod. At 1900 acres, the park is peppered with dozens of fishing ponds and small campgrounds, and is popular among Northeastern campers year round. In the fall, you can take advantage of great late-season fishing and spectacular foliage in its forests dense with Oak and Pine trees.

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