Slide Method

  1. Use a downstream cast directed purposefully distant to the feeding lane.
  2. Reposition flies straight into the feeding lane so that the fly is about 3-5 feet upstream of the fish’s position. This is done by extending the rod to position No. 2, then watching the line/leader/fly move to the targeted area.
  3. Quickly lower rod to the No. 3 position to allow slack line and a drag-free drift.
  4. If fish refuses the fly, move the rod to position No. 4; allow the fly and line to swing well past the feeding lane.
  5. Extend the rod to position No. 5; pause it to straighten the line; next recast the fly.


  1. This is an easy method to place the fly precisely to a targeted fish.
  2. The fly is delivered first ahead of the leader and line.
  3. False casting over the fish is eliminated.


The straightened leader is vulnerable to mini-turbulences which may cause unnoticed drag. Employing a long, flexible tippet helps correct this fault.

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