Order: Odonata

Suborder: Zygoptera

Life Cycle: incomplete

Three Life Stages: egg, nymph, and adult

Life Span: anywhere from 2-4 years



Body Description

Antennae: none

Eyes: very large, compound on small head, as wide or wider than thorax

Wings: 2 pair pads

Thorax: short and larger

Gills: 3 large distinctive paddlelike tails that are actually gills

Abdomen: long and slender, no gills, plumes or other projections on thorax or abdomen

Mouth: appendages tucked under the head

Legs: 6 long

Body Colors: olives and browns, lighter body

Mobility: side to side wiggling motion like a tadpole

Size: 1-1 ½”



Body Description

Antennae: none visible

Eyes: large, on top of head, eyes are spaced the size of an eye

Tail: none

Wings: 2 pairs, equal in size. Each has a distinctive narrow yolk or stalk at base of thorax. When at rest they are folded over and appear to be one

Abdomen: long and slender, segmented

Legs: short and crowded, weak

Body Colors: olives, greens, blues and black

Mobility: very graceful, extremely fast fliers

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