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How to Sharpen a Knife With a Whetstone

If you’ve ever had to use a knife in the outdoors, you likely already know that a dull blade is just about worthless. From whittling kindling to cutting rope and fishing line, outdoor knives take a lot of abuse, and tend to dull quickly. Thus, knowing how to properly sharpen a knife properly pays high […]

5 Uses for Rope in the Outdoors

Ask any experienced outdoorsman what is necessary to bring on every single trip, and you’re likely to hear one answer every single time. Rope. The original multi-tool, rope can be used for just about anything. It can do anything from making your life on the trail or campground easier to serving as a must have […]

5 Pieces of Must Have Ice Fishing Gear

When the bite is on, ice fishing can be one of the most exciting winter outdoor activities there are. But, unlike the warmer months, the setup isn’t quite as simple as a pole, hooks, and worms. Successful ice fishing necessitates some specialty gear to assist in tackling the sport’s tougher conditions. From cutting through the […]

6 Pieces of Must Have Camping Gear

Owning and using these 6 must have pieces of camping gear can greatly enhance your entire camping experience. From finding your spot, to setting up camp, to getting the full enjoyment from your time in the great outdoors, they cover all aspects of camping. And though a key tenet of Murphy’s Law states that something […]