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  • Cold Spring Gap

    Cold Spring Gap

    It is perhaps slightly misleading to list Cold Spring Gap as a destination. There is no direct route there that doesn’t entail at least 10 miles of fairly rigorous hiking, which implies an overnight stay somewhere in the park....

  • Lake Champlain Area

    Lake Champlain Area

    Lake Champlain is vast. Well not like Lake Baikal in Siberia or Lake Superior along the US-Canadian border, but large enough to provide outdoor activities for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. If you are more interested in...

  • Smugglers Notch

    Smugglers Notch

    Receiving its name from the practice of running goods to and from Canada, most notably alcohol during the 1920s, Smugglers Notch is a much more civilized and well-travelled area these days. Get there by taking highway 108 from...

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