The 5 Best Places to Camp in the Winter

Depending on what you like most about the outdoors, the five best places to camp in the winter cover a variety of attractions and activities. Whether you want to brave the harsh cold up north or have a mild, comfortable winter camping experience in the south, the contiguous United States has campgrounds that meet and exceed any camper’s expectations. For a few of the best, read on.

1. Ocean Pond, Florida

Just east of Florida’s northern panhandle lays Ocean Pond. The name does it justice, because at 1,760 acres this body of water really is the “ocean” of ponds. It is a very popular year round spot for fishermen and campers, and holds a variety of species – most notably Largemouth bass. As an added bonus for the frugal camper, there is no boat necessary to camp and fish here, as most of the campgrounds offer on-site shoreline access. And, with Florida’s mild winter climate, you won’t freeze on this winter camp.

2. Peninsula State Park, Wisconsin

peninsula state park wisconsinFor those with a true winter camping experience in mind, Peninsula State Park is the perfect fit. Because the winter is so cold up in Wisconsin’s tundra, comfort stations, camp stores, and restrooms are provided to anyone willing to venture into Wisconsin’s dense, lakeside forest past November. The Park is well known for its great deer hunting, so hunters will want to fit a camping date in during the rut.

3. Eleven Mile State Park, Colorado

This state park is a true haven for campers looking for a mountainous experience, as it’s nestled in the Rockies. It sits beside a 3,400 acre reservoir that holds Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and even Northern Pike. Few campsites are better for spending a relaxing winter weekend in the midst of gorgeous terrain.

4. State Forest State Park, Colorado

Another Rocky Mountain park, winter sports enthusiasts will love State Forest. Campers there enjoy snowboarding, skiing (both downhill and cross country) snowmobiling, and even ice fishing. So, if your idea of outdoor fun typically includes snow, be sure to set a date to camp at State Forest.

5. Virgin River Canyon, Arizona

If you’ve got the urge to break the cabin fever you’ve been suffering from, but don’t want to brave the harsh winter cold, then the deserts of Arizona are perfect for you. Located in the valley of the Virgin River, the campsite has amenities including restrooms, grills, and fresh water. Its mild winter climate and good fishing and rock climate draw campers from around the country each year.

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