Outdoor Tips: Making a Do-It-Yourself Hammock

With the dead of Winter behind us and warmer weather on its way, the idea of actually getting to spend some relaxing time in the outdoors is a pretty exciting prospect. Sure, cold weather has its strong points. There’s ice fishing, snowmobiling, and snowshoe trekking to take part in. But you always have to stay in more or less constant motion just to keep warm. The warmer months, on the other hand, give outdoor lovers a chance to actually enjoy just basking outside. And there are few better ways relax in great weather than by simply lying in a hammock. With this method, you can make a hammock of your own quickly, easily, and free.

woman in hammock1. Grab a sturdy blanket and two pieces of rope. When you’ve got your materials ready, look for two sturdy trees that are a few feet farther apart than the length of your blanket. This extra distance is important, because it will allow you to suspend your homemade hammock off the ground.

2. Tie off the blanket at each end. The goal with this step is to form a thick, sturdy knot at each lengthwise end of the blanket. To tie it, bring the corners of each width-wise end together in a bunch, and use that bunch to tie a half hitch knot slightly up the length of the blanket.

3. Affix your rope pieces to the two trees. Your homemade hammock is going to rely on tension, so basic slipknots are best to use. Start by tying each rope piece into a circle. Then, double up each rope strand so it makes essentially one strand and bring it around the tree trunk, pulling one end through the loop of the other as you complete the wrap around the trunk. Give it a tug to secure your rope in place.

4. Use the same “double loop” slipknot to affix the blanket to the rope. Use the doubled up length of rope hanging off of one tree trunk to make another loop-style slipknot. Then, push the half hitch knot you tied in the blanket through it and pull the knot tight to secure the blanket on each side. To adjust the height of your now completed hammock, move the rope up or down the tree trunk.

With that, your do-it-yourself hammock is finished. You’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Whether at a campsite or in your backyard, making use of the homemade hammock is a truly great way to give you that sense of escape – no vacation required.

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