Table of Retrieves

Aquatic Food Distance Rate Retrieve
Water Boatman 2”-6” erratic stop and go hand twist, sink & draw
Sculpins 1’-3’ slow & moderate strip/ rise & fall
Stoneflies (adults) 3”-12” erratic fluttering strip
Stoneflies (nymphs) dead drift slow shoreward crawl hand twist
Damselflies (adults) 3”-24” fast skittering skating
Damselflies (nymphs) 3”-6” slow stop & go hand twist
Dragonflies (adults) same as damselflies    
Dragonflies (nymphs) 3”-12” fast, short, stop & go strip
Leeches 3”-12” moderate stop & go strip
Snails motionless use short pull then stop strip
Eggs none none strip to gain attention then stop
Crayfish 6”-18” fast stop & go strip
Scuds/sow bugs 1”, 3”-6” erratic stop & go hand twist
Baitfish 3”-6”-36” moderate & fast strip or pull
Hoppers/crickets 1-3” erratic hand twist
Beetles/ants 1-3” varied strip
Shrimp 2”-12” varied strip
Caddis flies 3”-12” erratic fast strip or skating
Mayflies 0-6” dead drift & take off hand twist or strip
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