Winter Camping

Winter Camping Can Be a Wonderful Experience

Winter camping at first glance may not seem like a desirable adventure but with the proper planning it can be a very wonderful experience. The challenges that are faced and rewards obtained are unmatched by any other. Just think about – no bugs, fewer people and lots of solitude. Indeed, a perfect time for personal growth and reflection. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, sledding or toboggan, backpacking, ice climbing and animal tracking are just a few of the activities you might experience in a winter wonderland. Winter camping requires a positive mental attitude and the utmost respect for nature itself. Experts agree that winter camping demands a lot of planning and preparation. Weather reports are critical. And the proper clothes, shelter, sleeping bag, food and gear are essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. The Outdoor Action Guide for Winter Camping is one of the best resources on this subject that we have found on the internet. Be sure to check it out for lots of great information and useful tips to help you prepare for a wonderful winter camping adventure.

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