Taking a Campground Shower

Campground ShowerNothing feels better and helps you relax more than a shower after a day of fun and activity in the outdoors. Each campground has its own setup but one thing is for sure….it’s definitely not like home. The size, the water temperature, the water pressure, the cleanliness and the line of people waiting to get in are all common complaints heard about campground shower facilities. We just have to make the best of it. Consider the following tips to help with your experience.

  • Use a shower bag – this is a waterproof bag that you can carry all your items and clothes in.
  • Or use a 5 gallon bucket for the same purpose – you can also use it as a seat if waiting in line
  • Use a pair of flip flops for your feet
  • Use a plastic soap container
  • Remember your quarters, you never know when the showers may be coin operated
  • Plan your shower during off times – very early morning, early afternoon, later in the evening
  • Don’t fuss at camp–leave the makeup, special soaps and lotions, hair dryer and curling iron, razors, etc at home.
  • You could also consider a camping shower–a large plastic bag with a spout that you can hang up to use. Shower pumps can add additional convenience. (See below)

Other Tips and Advice

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  1. is there a smell proof tents? incase i wanna get high like a kite.

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