Rain, Rain Go Away

RainNobody likes it to rain when planning outdoor activities, but unfortunately we can’t control the weather and eventually it WILL rain. Just plan ahead and make the best of it.

  • Always bring rain gear. A large trash bag with holes cut for your head and arms will work if you get stuck. Boots will keep your feet dry.
  • Do not camp in a low area or near a drainage path.
  • A quality waterproof tent with a full coverage rain fly will stay dry. Do not touch the sides of your tent or allow your gear to lean against the walls. A ground cloth properly placed under your tent will also help keep your tent floor dry. Properly secure all poles and tie downs. Consider putting a large tarp over your tent so that the edges of the tarp extend beyond your tent to avoid dripping and runoff. This can be secured with extra poles or rope carefully tied to nearby trees. Plan the pitch of the tarp to avoid sagging and water buildup. Consider maintaining your tent with a water repellant spray and seam sealant as needed.
  • Consider putting up a large dining tarp. Not only does this provide shade from the sun but is excellent on those rainy days. You’ll have a dry area for cooking, eating, storage of supplies and those quiet rainy day activities such as cards, board games, puzzles and reading.
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  • Plan some alternative indoor activities.
  • If you must pack up your tent and other supplies when it is wet, use your ground cloth as much as possible. It can easily be sprayed off and dried at home.
  • A tent and/or equipment should NEVER be put away wet. It will mildew, rot and become damaged. Always dry it out thoroughly as soon as possible.

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