How to Dress for the Outdoors

Outdoor ShirtOutdoor PantsDressing in layers is the key to keeping warm in the winter and to keep from overheating in the summer. To adjust to temperature changes and varying activity levels, you simply add or remove clothing according.

  • In order to reduce chilling, long underwear, and other under garments are now being made of polyester type materials to remove moisture away from the skin.
  • Fleece is a good second layer for trapping your body’s warmth.
  • Outer layers vary depending on conditions. But these wind resistance, water resistance outer layers should provide convenience and ease of movement.
  • Always be prepared with rain gear.
  • For maximum comfort and blister prevention, you should wear two layers of socks, a thin polyester sock liner with a thicker outer sock. Make sure to change your socks if they get wet and also at night before going to bed.
  • Quality footwear is important for any activity. They provide stability, warmth and comfort. Make sure that you waterproof your boots. If your feet hurt, you will not enjoy yourself. Period.
  • Hats are good for both warmth and sun protection. In cool weather, sleeping with a hat can provide the warmth you need. Up to 80% of your body heat can be lost through your head and neck.
  • Gloves protect your hands. Exposing your hands to extreme cold can quickly cause frostbite. Protecting your hands is also important while doing outdoor work.
  • Quality sunglasses are also necessary.

Other Tips and Advice

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