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Here is a collection of RV tips that have been shared by some of our visitors.

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  • Relieve Pressure at the Pump: Money-Saving Tips for RVers
  • Use prepaid phone cards while traveling. They are inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Put moth balls near the propane lines of the water heater and refrigerator. This will deter spiders.
  • To protect your RV’s plumbing, use a water pressure regulator when connected to any water source.
  • Use an auto battery charger to charge your batteries.
  • Have quarters available for unexpected events such as meter parking, coin-operated showers, laundry, tolls etc.
  • To conserve gray-water holding tank space, turn water off when shampooing and soaping up in the shower. Don’t run water while you are brushing your teeth.
  • Also to conserve gray-water holding tank space, use dishpans to wash and rinse dishes. When finished, pour water down toilet into the black-water holding tank.
  • To avoid odors and blockages, keep black-water holding tank value closed. Maintain adequate water level. Empty only when the tank is at least 1/2 full.
  • To avoid blow-outs, tire damage and to optimize gas mileage, maintain proper tire pressure. Should be checked often.
  • Use a plug-in voltage meter to monitor amps. Despite your rig’s abilities, you can only use up to the amps available from the source.
  • Always drain the black-water holding tank first. Then drain the gray-water. This helps to clean out your hose.
  • Use comet cleanser with BLEACH to stop ants from entering your RV or campsite. Also a small amount of vasaline around any entry points into your RV will stop them from actually entering.
  • Use your generator to operate the roof air conditioner instead of the dash A/C. It cools your rig down quicker. Your vehicle’s engine will not get so hot and it will run more efficiently.
  • Use an outside sediment water filter on any water source. You won’t believe what you’ll find when you clean it out!
  • Get a carbon monoxide detector. Replace the batteries regularly. Make sure your smoke detector works also. A couple of fire extinguisher are a must.
  • Clean off the top of your slide-outs before closing them up.
  • Don’t forget to change the oil in your generator.
  • When backing up a trailer, put your hand on the bottom of the vehicle’s steering wheel and turn it in the direction you want the trailer to go.
  • Before hitting the road, take one last walk around and through your RV to make sure you have put everything away properly.
  • Be sure your awning is securely fastened before you travel.
  • Call to check for RV size restrictions at campgrounds before you get there. Particularly sites at state and national parks and also older private campgrounds.
  • Use Velcro tape for hanging and fastening things in your RV.
  • When boondocking, use inverters to convert DC power into AC power.
  • Use quiet generators when necessary as an alternative power source. Be considerate of others.
  • Save power by using fluorescent lights.
  • Consider using solar panels to generate your power needs.
  • Use paper plates and paper cups to save on dishwashing.
  • To conserve power, run the water heater only when necessary.
  • RV furnaces use alot of power. To conserve your power supply, lower the heater temperature, wear warmer clothing and use an extra blanket.
  • Park your RV in shady locations and use your awning to keep it cooler inside.
  • Put screenwire in your rubber bumper plugs to prevent bees from nesting.
  • Check fire extinguishers and smoke detectors regularly.
  • Fabric softener sheets placed in drawers, closets, and other strategic locations in an RV prevents musty odors and that “closed up” smell.

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These tips are suggestions only and are meant to be helpful to our readers. They should be used at readers own discretion.

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  1. Please do not “Use comet cleanser with BLEACH to stop ants from entering your RV or campsite.” The best way to keep ants out of your campsite is to not go camping. This recommendation should be changed to make it clear you should not be using chemicals in your campsite outside of your RV. Either practice leave no trace principles or stay home or in a hotel.

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