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RV rental has become a popular alternative for many outdoor enthusiasts. You can rent anything from a pop-up camper to a luxury motorhome to accommodate whatever your recreational interests or business needs.

People rent them for a variety of reasons such as vacation, special events (tailgating at races, sporting events, festivals), hunting season, business travel and office space. Renting is a cost effective alternative for the casual RVer. Another reason to rent an RV is to simply “test drive” the RV lifestyle and to try various types of RV’s before actually buying one. Like always, actual experience is worth its weight in gold.

RV’s provide the freedom to travel just about anywhere you can image. They are fully self contained and enable you to set up “camp” even in the most remote areas without sacrificing your comfort. They are rather easy to operate and most of them don’t require any special license.

You can rent various sizes of motorhomes, travel trailers, truck campers, conversion vans or pop-ups. The most popular type of RV to rent tends to be the Class C motorhomes. They are compact, easy to drive and offer quite a few creature comforts. Amenities include beds, bathroom and shower facilities, kitchens with microwaves and refrigerators, air conditioning and heat, etc. They come with just about everything you’ll need. Supplies such as dishes, pans, utensils and linens are usually included (sometimes for a small fee). Full operation instructions are usually given prior to departure.

Many travel magazines agree that RV rentals are a very affordable way for a family to vacation. They recommend that you book your RV rentals well in advance. Summer season rentals get booked quickly in many areas especially those near popular racing or sporting events.

Be sure to do your research before signing a rental contract. The more you know about the RV’s and the related costs the easier it will be to make a decision. Make sure the size and layout of the RV is appropriate for the type of trip you are taking and for the number of people involved. Find out what amenities the RV contains (generator, roof air conditioning, sleeping areas, microwave, TV/VCR, etc.) Get full documentation on rental rates, mileage rates and miscellaneous fees (generator fees, preparation fees, cleaning fees, reservation fees, housekeeping kits, etc.) Also ask about the required security deposit and cancellation policies. Obtain details about breakdowns and expense reimbursements.

Be sure to rent from a reputable dealer or rental company. This can make the difference between having an enjoyable vacation vs. a vacation full of frustration and disappointment.

Read and understand the contract before you sign it. Be prepared with a valid credit card to secure your deposit and expect to be required to fill out a rental application.

Check to see that you have adequate insurance coverage on the RV rental. Ask your current insurance agent if you are covered for RV rentals. If not, you will have to obtain independent coverage from the rental agency. Either way make sure you understand the coverage. Pay attention to the policy details and limitations.

Be sure to consider a vacation on wheels for your next adventure. The freedom and comfort of an RV may be just the answer that you are looking for.

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