Boondocking Tips

Boondocking or dry camping is defined as parking your RV in a location without or with limited facilities. Boondocking simply means conserving your fresh water supply, minimizing the use of your gray and black holding tanks and providing your own power source. As a RVer, you’ll find it necessary to conserve your resources when you camp at national parks and forest areas, BLM sites, state parks, festivals or events, when you pull over at rest areas, truck stops or parking lots and even at some established campgrounds that only offer partial hook-up facilities. There are many different ways to stretch your resources when boondocking. Visit our RV tips section for some useful ideas. Here are some other items to keep in mind when selecting areas for dry camping — safety, convenient location, getting permission and noise levels.

The following suggestions were issued by the Escapees RV Club as their code for dry camping etiquette:

  • Obtain permission from a qualified individual.
  • Park out of the way & away from nearby residences.
  • Do not place personal items outside your RV. (No awnings, chairs, barbecue grills, tables, pets)
  • Avoid using slide-outs if possible.
  • Do not use your hydraulic jacks on asphalt.
  • Limit your stay – don’t abuse their generosity.
  • Purchase gas, food or supplies as a form of a thank you when feasible.
  • Always leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  • Practice safety precautions.

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