Brrr…The South Pole

Over the last few years, we’ve heard or seen stories about life in the South Pole. First a book by Dr. Jerri Nielson describing her adventure of being diagnosed with breast cancer while being stranded at the pole because of the harsh cold winter. Then Dr. Ronald Shemenski, suffering from pancreatitis, was rescued earlier this year. Going to the South Pole is the ultimate test of survival. During the winter months, there is complete darkness with blinding snow and temperatures that can easily reach -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Walking a few feet outside can be a life or death event. However, the summer months at the South Pole are said to provide some of the most beautiful, serene, and peaceful moments that the “Polies” have ever experienced. Dr. Nielson herself says that she would go back given the opportunity. We here at Love the Outdoors want to know if you’d be up to the challenge of spending a year at the South Pole?

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