The Great Outdoors – Education…Adventure…Fun

Now that school is in session, why not plan to take the kids out on an educational camping weekend. Your family will enjoy the fresh air and you will be promoting a sense of adventure and challenge in your children. You can get pamphlets and booklets from yourstate natural resource or national park offices at little or no cost. Many organizations have websites dedicated to helping you plan an educational adventure.

We recommend using a guide to identify trees, plants, and the wildlife you will see. We also recommend taking pictures of the things you encounter to use them as learning tools later in the year. One of our favorite activities is a scavenger hunt. Make up a list before you go camping and divide your family into teams. Spend the entire weekend exploring and trying to find the things on your list. Some suggestions would be leaves from certain trees, water from a creek or pond, or a rock from a particular trail or area. Let your imagination run wild. Always make sure that an adult is on each team for safety.

So grab your guides, your hiking boots, and your butterfly nets and go out there and enjoy the outdoors.

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