Camping…A Great Choice!

We have now entered into the vacation season. People are starting to hit the beaches and hundreds of other vacation hotspots. This year instead of spending a small fortune to take the family to an overcrowded, high crime, tourist attraction, why don’t you get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Camping is an inexpensive, enjoyable alternative to staying in a hotel. If you do go to the popular destinations, you’ll be sure to find a campground nearby. You can save an average of $40-50 dollars a night by staying in a campground. Most campgrounds have planned activities and a variety of amenities to choose from. We have many products that you will need for camping available in our camp store. If you decide that you’d rather get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, you can head for the hills and spend your vacation time getting reacquainted with the wild and wonderful outdoors.

You can make new friends and spend quality time with your family without the phone, TV, or computer. You can get more ideas in the tips and advice section. If you include your children in the planning stages, whether it be for meals, a destination, or activities, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the trip. So get out the maps, select your destination, head to the campground directory, stop by the camp store before you leave, and remember to love the outdoors.

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