Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

These days it seems like all the talk is about energy policies and the shortage of the energy supply that America continues to have. The conversation almost always turns to drilling in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). The Sierra Club recently published the following report.

“The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of America’s greatest natural treasures. The 19 million-acre Refuge harbors an unparalleled diversity of wildlife. Encompassing an entire mountain range cross-section, it is the last place in North America where the full spectrum of arctic life is protected in one seamless expanse. Nestled between the Brooks Mountain Range and the shores of the Beaufort Sea in remote northeast Alaska, the narrow 1.5 million-acre coastal plain of the Refuge is the biological heart of this untamed wilderness. Unfortunately, it has also been targeted for drilling and industrial development by the oil industry and its allies in Congress. But, there is a growing citizen action campaign to protect the coastal plain as part of the national Wilderness Preservation System and permanently shield it from the relentless attacks of the multinational oil companies.”

Should the government allow drilling or not?

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