Day Hiking Checklist

Planning and preparation is necessary for all outdoor activities. A checklist is a great resource. Your lists will vary according to the type of hiking you have planned, the places you are going, the time of year and the length of your trip. Add or remove items to suit your individual needs.

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__Day Pack
__Trail maps/guidebooks
__Water in canteens/water bottles
__Water treatment system
__First aid kit/medications/moleskin
__Pocket knife
__Waterproof matches/fire starters
__Snacks/extra snacks
__Rain gear
__Extra clothing
__Sunscreen/chap stick
__Extra socks
__Insect repellent
__Toilet paper
__Hiking stick/poles
__Cell phone
__Ziplock bags

Basic First Aid Kit

__Personal medications
__Roll bandages
__Adhesive tape
__Antiseptic wipes
__Sterile gauze pads
__Cotton swabs
__Safety pins
__Bee sting kit
__Sinus medications
__Bug repellant
__Sterile compresses
__Splinting materials
__Personal information/contact person
__Feminine products
__Razor blades
__Plastic bags
__Small bottle of water
__Other personal needs
__Small mirror
__Triangular bandages
__Misc. Band Aides/bandages
__Anti-acids (Tums, Rolaides)
__Antibiotic cream
__Hydrogen Peroxide
__Ace bandages
__Sunburn lotion
__Burn ointment
__Snake bit kit
__Eye drops
__Poison ivy cream/cleansers
__Heat/cold packs
__Small flashlight
__Latex gloves
__Antibacterial soap
__Coins for emergency phone calls
__Antibiotic soap
__Butterfly bandages
__Mole skin for blisters
__Road flares
__First aid manual
__Nail clippers

Additional First Aid Tips

  • Take a First Aid class and a CPR class – keep current on this information
  • Keep supplies in a well marked, durable, waterproof container
  • Keep the contents organized
  • Know how to use everything in your first aid kit
  • Inspect content often, re-supply as needed
  • Keep readily available at all times

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3 Replies to “Day Hiking Checklist”

  1. Ankle, Knee, or elbow brace in case you sprain or have an ache on the joints during the hike.

  2. Make sure that the sunglasses have polarized lenses to reduce the strain on the eyes, especially at higher altitudes 🙂

  3. If you are going to hike or camp in an area with cactus, a roll of duct tape is a must for your first aid kit. it is great for getting the little needles out of your skin.

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