Buying Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are probably the most important piece of gear when planning a hiking trip. If your feet hurt, everything seems to hurt. Not only can inappropriate and improper fitting boots cause painful blisters, feet, leg and back pain but they will also increase your overall fatigue level. This can affect your safety and may result in serious injuries. Shop wisely. It will be well worth your time.

  • Decide what type of hiking you will be doing and choose a boot to fit your needs.
    • Types of boots range from trail shoes to trail hikers to mountaineering boots. Each one has different qualities that you need to evaluate.
      • Comfort. Your boots must be comfortable.
      • Foot and ankle support.
      • Weight.
      • Durability.
      • Sole qualities and tread.
      • Waterproof.
    • Must have a good fit.
      • They should feel snug but not tight to restrict circulation or toe movement. No slipping. They should feel secure around your ankle and instep.
      • Wear the type of socks that you will be hiking in. A thin nylon or polyester liner and then a heavier sock is recommend to keep your feet dry. Never wear cotton socks.
  • Always, always, always break your boots in before going on an extended hike. Condition and shape as needed to avoid discomfort.
  • Take care of your boots. Clean and waterproof your boots periodically as needed.
  • For blisters or hot spots use moleskin or bandages immediately to stop further damage and to relieve pain. Keep your feet dry – change socks often.

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