Treating Injuries

Injuries are treated with RICE. R stands for rest; I is for ice; C is for compression, and E is for elevation. The RICE method is useful in treating pain and swelling which are how your body tells you that something is wrong or injured. It applies to sports injuries.

Rest means stop doing what caused the injury. Don’t walk on a swollen, sprained ankle. Protect it with crutches or trekking poles. The swelling is your body’s effort to splint and to immobilize the injury. Test by moving the injured part; if it’s painful your body is telling you to stop.

Ice is applied to swelling for twenty minutes every four hours on the first day of the injury. The cold reduces the amount of circulation and this decreases the swelling and the pain.

Compression means applying pressure to keep the swelling down. A compression bandage or tape can provide support.

Elevate the injured body part above your heart. This reduces the circulation and curtails the pain and swelling.

For minor injuries, acetaminophen or ibuprofen helps relieve pain. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

There is a wide assortment of possible injuries. Fractured bones are a possibility; foot, ankle, lower leg, knee, thigh, hip, pelvis, shoulder, back, neck, core, ribs, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand conditions are. Seek medical help for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Treating Injuries

Treating Injuries