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Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience. Checklists are a great tool to help with your organization. Your camping list will vary according to the type of camping and activities you have planned, the places you are going, the time of year and the length of your trip. Add or remove items to suit your individual needs. Please email us with any other items that you would include in your camping checklist or write comment below.

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By popular request, we’re now offering a printer friendly camping checklist in PDF or as PNG image!

NEW! Camping checklist is now dynamic! You can now mark completed items and they will be saved in your local browser storage.







Basic First Aid Kit

Tell someone of your plans - give details of where you are going and when you expect to return, give directions and possible alternative roads that you may take, provide cell phone numbers, vehicle description and license plate numbers, hand-held radio channel and codes that you will use, and provide local authority phone numbers (State Police, Game & Fish Commission, Sheriff Dept, etc.) for the county or area that you will be in.

Additional First Aid Tips

  • Take a First Aid class and a CPR class – keep current on this information
  • Keep supplies in a well marked, durable, waterproof container
  • Keep the contents organized
  • Know how to use everything in your first aid kit
  • Inspect content often, re-supply as needed
  • Keep readily available at all times

777 Replies to “Camping Checklist”

  1. Like it said on top add or remove stuff. This list is great. Take it from someone who didn’t have a list and forgot essential items. It’s OK when it’s just adults, but children are more critical when it’s 45 outside with high winds and their father forgot matches. Thank god I had a lighter in my car. You don’t have to take everything but having it saves some trouble.

  2. This is a great checklist, like it says pick and choose the items you need for your camping trip. For some they will need everything and others not as much. Depending how long your trip is. If it’s just one day pack lite if your going for a weekend you will need most of the items if your tenting it.

  3. to all the negative people ,this is a running list of things you might not think of. It does not say you need to take it all !!!! IF you knew what to bring you wouldnt have looked up this list.HAPPY CAMPING YALL

  4. Not on the list but what I hate when camping is to wake up in the middle of the dark night to empty my bladder. Good thing I found this camping seat cover that fits on top of a bucket. I put in a garbage bag so all I need to do in the morning is carry out this garbage bag in a nicer little bag to where I empty the bag. If you’re away from
    a public toilet you can also bring a folded huge box for a little privacy when you use this mini toilet.

  5. No one said you had to take all on the list, the list is to help you. This is very good for first timers and even those who are experts , sometimes we do need a reminder! Great job

  6. Goodness! I have two days to load up the car and head out – thanks for the checklist! What is so great, I have most of the suggested items in the house. I am following the list like a treasure hunt, finding things and throwing them in a bucket to go. The one thing I never leave home without – a trusty roll of toilet paper. Many thanks!

  7. We’ve been camping before, but printed out your checklist so we wouldn’t forget anything. Your list is very inclusive and very detailed. However, it seems you missed packing items for pets, bed, food, leash, etc. Otherwise your list is great.

  8. This list is AWESOME!! It has everything you need. We had a camping list for 40+ years and lost it. I asked everyone I knew if they had a copy of my camping list and no one had one. I found you and lo and behold you have my camping list that I needed so much. Thank you from all of our hearts… we will enjoy our camping trip now. Yay

  9. All of this information is very helpful. My boyfriend and I are looking for some new adventures and this will be great! we have 3 weeks to prepare so now it looks like we will be prepared!!

  10. Thanks for sharing. I love the ideal of having extra stuff “just in case” lol. We have 3 week to prepare so this list is helpful. Me and my boyfriend has never done this before and is look for some new adventures!!

  11. Thank you so much for this great checklist! I’ll pick and choose what suits me, and I’ll be thanking you again in my mind when I’m using the thumbtacks to hold my tablecloth on the picnic table!!

  12. great post, thanks this will be my first time camping and this list helped me allot

  13. A lot of these comments are rude! If you don’t need it don’t take it! But if you are alone in the wilderness many of these things could save your damn life!!! And for people with large families like mine, this list is great!!

  14. Some of these comments are unnecessary and rude. I don’t see it as a list that you HAVE to bring all these things, but they think of all the little things we might have forgotten. It also depends on the kind of camping you are planning. Thanks for the great post! It helped us out a lot.

  15. We are a family of 8 and to the family of 5, well that would be nice to have just 5… This is our 3rd year with his, mine and ours and we are going for 9 days this time! Yes tent camping in a 10 man tent with dividers. Probable will be bald when we get back, but it is all about the childhood memories… I can always grow some more hair. LOL

  16. Thanks for the list we are going camping as a family with small kids and I didn’t think of about 20 things on the list thanks again. The kikels SLC Utah

  17. I agree that this is overkill but some comments are unnecessary – sure for one person it can be minimal, but try camping with 2 adults and 3 kids for 3 nights and see how far that gets you before you want to rip your hair out and drink all of your whiskey on the first night.

  18. bring your house on the campsites if gonna bring all that things on the list whay should go to camping your in the concrete ground why you gonna get back to the mountain im tired of that BY THE WAY HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!!!! just kidding!!!!

  19. This is a great list for anyone who is planning on going camping ! We are going in a camper and in tents. We will probably need everything.

  20. I’m going to copper cannon camp and i am hoping at least that i go because i love that camp it s really fun and a lot of funny people that go to that camp. and it is really relacing and quiet.

  21. I’m ashamed of myself. Whenever I go camping, I just bring a tent and some clothes. I always bring a nylon string and a fishing hook and a lighter. That’s it. But I think I’ll try to follow this list. It makes my life better.

  22. have you ever thought about little things like lighters,poket knifes,bottle openers,hot pads

  23. Great list , but in my food ice chest , I prefreeze my water bottles of water and put them around my my food , just like ice and saves room to bring more drinks

  24. Katy Nay, try packing a few pounds of dry ice in the bottom of your cooler topped by ice and your frozen food items. Between prefreezing items and the dry ice keeping the regular ice cold and from melting, we had to dump ice out of our cooler after our return from a 3 day camping trip. All the food, including the eggs (don’t freeze those! 🙂 ) held up quite well.

  25. My thought is what is good camping food that can last a 3 day trip with little refrigeration (in ice in a cooler) and is simple to fix- besides smores?

  26. For some things, we also had a collapsible hot/cold insulated bag. It’s good for going to and from the store, but not quite enough to refrigerate meat for more than a couple hours.

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